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Diane Elms


Delphine Breznai


Casey Bruce

Wellness Instructors




Yoga Instructor

I am a Beaver County Native that just moved back to the area. Growing up, I was involved in competitive sports, you could find me in the Weight room, on the field with a shot put or discus and my favorite, at the ice rink figure skating. Over time, I found that I didn’t care for competing, so I took my love of training on a personal journey. I wanted to push myself further and share my love of physical fitness, but I didn’t know what direction to go. A conversation later with my personal trainer/friend at work, I found myself in a hot yoga class at Inlet Yoga studio in Murrells Inlet, SC.. I never thought it would amount to anything but a great cross training to all my other activities. During the next year, I fell in love with yoga. I found it to be more than a physical practice. Yoga has led me to become more connected to my body and mind through breathe and movement. Realizing this could be my way to to share my passion for a healthy lifestyle, In 2014 at the age of 44, I set course to become 200 Hr. RYT Certified with emphasis in Ashtanga Vinyasa and Baron Baptiste Power Yoga. It has become my dharma (purpose) to share the many benefits of this amazing practice, I am excited to see where this journey takes me!


Tai Chi Instructor

From her first experience with yoga to now, a lot has changed in Diane’s journey! Formerly a collegiate athlete wanting nothing to do with yoga because she “wasn’t flexible enough” and “couldn’t sit that still” to being blessed with the practice as a tool to heal a diagnosed condition. She will be forever grateful and you’ll see it in her smile. The intense connection between mind, body, breath, and spirit never ceases to amaze her. And sometimes, it just feels good to move! As a certified RYT200, she hopes to inspire all ages to find symbiosis between life on and off the mat. Growing up surrounded by music and movement, Diane is big on finding your own rhythm in the moment. Expect to move in a flow with mindful breath: continually learning to find your own sense of joy in body and mind during class.

While Diane isn’t enjoying the physical practice of yoga, she is likely with family and friends at the kitchen table, on a hike or run, petting her puppy, or dreaming up the next big (or small) travel destination — preferably all over music.


Yoga Instructor

“The beauty of yoga is the growth that you experience in all aspects of life”.

Delphine fell in love with yoga when she attended her first ashtanga yoga class in 2008. To follow her passion, she decided to pursue her RYT200 training and became certified in 2013 at Sangha for Yoga and Wellness. She is also Pilates and Yoga Sculpt certified. She enjoys teaching all different types of yoga to her students. By experiencing and teaching yoga; she definitely feels the practice of yoga has been beneficial to her circle of life and hope it is also for her students.


Yoga Instructor

Casey found her love for yoga in 2013, realizing both the physical and mental benefits of the practice, as well as the sense of community it gave her while she was living in Erie, PA. After a few years of practicing power yoga, she decided this was something she wanted to share with others. Casey completed her Level 1 Teacher Training with Amazing Yoga in 2016. Her power vinyasa classes are energetic and challenging, encouraging students to find their edge, while offering modifications for yogis of all levels. Each class is accompanied by an upbeat playlist to help students connect breath with movement, focus on the present, and forget about everything off the mat. Casey aims to create an open, accepting environment, where students feel comfortable being challenged, and leave feeling strong and at peace with themselves.


Tai Chi Instructor

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese internal martial art that practices the fundamentals of health and self-preservation.  Yang style focuses on slower, more meditative movements requiring concentration and deliberate action.  Over the course of this class we will learn the traditional Yang Style 108 Movement Long Form, which is a series of movements performed carefully and methodically. Additionally, we will learn the fundamentals which will strengthen the body increasing balance, breathing, and concentration.


Yoga Instructor

After falling into a hard patch, Alaina sought yoga to bring a sense of peace into her life. She quickly fell in love with the practice that changed her life. She is definitely not the “most flexible” and is a huge advocate for everyone being able to do yoga, no matter your physicality! Alaina is a firm believer that there is always something to learn in yoga. With a strong love and focus on vinyasa flow, both as a teacher and a student, she also plans to take credential courses for prenatal yoga in the future. Alaina received her RYT200 in 2018 from Sangha Center for Yoga and Wellness, and deems that her most prized accomplishment. Outside of yoga, you can find Alaina spending time with her puppy, fishing, traveling, and watching movies.


Yoga Instructor

Stephanie has been attending yoga classes in the Pittsburgh area since 2013.  She was first introduced to a "hot yoga studio" by her friend who just wanted a pal to tag along.  After going to a couple of classes, she was hooked!  The practice not only helped with flexibility but helped her connect on a deeper level with herself.  She loved leaving the studio feeling at peace in her thoughts and comfortable in her skin.  In 2019, she became a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) through Yoga Alliance at Sangha Center for Yoga and Wellness in Beaver, PA.  It is by far one of her favorite accomplishments.  Through her love of yoga, she is able to teach both young and old in new and creative ways.  Stephanie is always focused on keeping her classes welcoming and light-hearted so everyone can feel at ease. 


Yoga Instructor

After several years spent working in the equine industry, Toni began practicing yoga in 2000 to add a low impact element to maintaining her
physical well-being. Learning early on to focus on the breath during instruction allowed her to discover the additional benefit of a calmer mind. She later went on to learn more about related philosophies and included meditation and ayurvedic practices in her life. She enjoys the tranquility as well as the physical benefits of increased blood flow and joint mobility that practicing vinyasa yoga offers.

She received her RYT200 certification at Sangha Center for Yoga and Wellness so that she might share the experience with others.


Tabata Instructor

A full time physician assistant and full time workout enthusiast - Ms. Ramana checks all the boxes to get you the results you have been looking for. She has a love for wellness and exercise to shape the mind, body and soul. She has a deep love of sports and food - especially Mario's Pizza and chicken tenders.


Barre Instructor

Jennifer Rae's fitness instructor journey began 5 years ago with Piyo and has evolved into an ever growing list of styles - including barre and boot camps.  She is a massive advocate for all things abs, glutes and cardio. She takes great pride in her playlists, so make sure to tell her how great they are! She also has a deep love for the Newsies soundtrack and anything Britney Spears.

"I found that whole body wellness and recovery was severely lacking within the fitness realm.

Through my journey of health and wellness, I found that whole body wellness and recovery was severely lacking within the fitness realm. I wanted to create a space where the mind and body could recover, rejuvenate and regroup.  At Meko Yoga and Wellness, we strive to enlighten the mind and body with various styles of yoga, energize and tone with high intensity, full body classes and private sessions; and heal and repair the body through CryoTherapy, Salt Therapy, Infrared Sauna Therapy

and Massage Therapy.



Elizabeth Kalevitch

Founder of Meko Yoga and Wellness

Wellness Instructors
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